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Insight on HB 2001 and Middle Housing

HB 2001 Code Amendments – Talking Points

Missing Methodology to Missing Middle Housing

Highlights of HB 2001 Draft Code Amendments

Last Chance to Comment on Development Code Changes Before Council Vote!!

September 13, 2021

City Council Meeting (ZOOM) Wednesday, Sept 15th @ 5:00-7:00 pm LAST CALL FOR PUBLIC COMMENT ON HB 2001!! Please click on event above for more information about the meeting, how to join, and how to comment! On September 15, the Bend City Council is holding their only public hearing on Development Code changes to support…

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PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSION – Thursday, July 22nd @ 5:30 pm

July 20, 2021

Come and learn about House Bill (HB) 2001! This week the City of Bend will host a Community Information Session on code amendments that will bring changes to Bend neighborhoods. House Bill (HB) 2001 was passed by the Oregon legislature in 2019 and requires communities across the state to allow for the development of “middle…

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Editorial: Bend Is Moving Too Fast On Code Changes For Housing Standards

July 10, 2021

By: Karon Johnson Bend proposes the adoption of a new development code which will radically affect the livability of our neighborhoods.  The process which Bend employed, however, ensured that the public will have no meaningful say in this decision. State Planning Goal # 1 mandates “the opportunity for all citizens to be involved in all…

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Editorial: What message should neighborhood associations send to the city?

July 9, 2021

Bulletin Editorial Board | Jul 9, 2021 The best eye-level view of how growth is hitting Bend can be in the debates of the city’s Neighborhood Leadership Alliance, the NLA. It’s where the leadership from Bend’s neighborhood associations get together to formulate input for the Bend City Council. Right now, there’s debate at the NLA…

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Editorial: Problems with the Proposed Middle Housing Code Changes

July 5, 2021

While supportive of the effort to increase middle housing choices, an analysis of the draft amendments by several Neighborhood Association land use chairs points to three items they believe should be reviewed carefully by the Planning Commission: 1. The proposal doesn’t require that developers of master planned areas build any more middle housing. Table 11-1…

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Highlights of HB 2001 Draft Code Amendments

June 10, 2021

Bend’s Draft Code Amendments are now available for review. Please click the link to review a critique of the proposed middle housing code changes. Highlights of HB 2001 Draft Code Amendments

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Bend residents oppose elimination of off-street parking requirements

Bend residents oppose eliminating minimum off-street parking requirements

April 16, 2021

The recent community survey on the web site about off-street parking requirements was completed by 1,195 people. The large number of responses indicates a substantial degree of public interest in the issue, compared to other online surveys regarding city policies conducted over the last decade. The survey was sponsored by an ad hoc group…

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Cities that have eliminated parking minimums focus on downtowns and transit corridors

April 4, 2021

While a number of cities have taken steps to improve the efficiency of land utilization by reducing or eliminating minimum parking requirements, only three have been found that have opted for total elimination citywide – all have extensive transit systems and a history of surplus parking. Most cities have used the elimination of parking minimums…

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City Council to Discuss Eliminating Off-street Parking Requirements

March 11, 2021

The Council will hold a work session on April 21, 2021 at 5:00 PM to consider a request by a councilor to explore reducing to zero the minimum number of parking spaces required for new developments.  A new state law (H.B. 2001) requires that every Oregon city amend its development code to permit the construction of…

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