How To Participate in City Meetings

Participating in Virtual Meetings for Bend City Council and Advisory Committee Meetings

    • A good place to start is on the City of Bend Calendar of Events webpage: If the meeting is coming up in the short-term, you have a good chance of finding it on this calendar.  The City is working through its process of when/how to add to this calendar and currently places meetings on the calendar when staff has sent out the required public notice for the meeting. 
  • CLICK ON THE MEETING OF INTEREST - This will take you out to that committee’s webpage.
  • CLICK ON THE AGENDA - Instructions will be noted at the beginning of the agenda.  Here’s an example:

“The meeting convenes at 5:30 P.M on a virtual meeting platform, due to COVID-19 precautions. The public is invited to watch on-line at: Attendees will need to register by clicking the link below to receive a link to the meeting. Join by phone: Toll-free:1- 888-788-0099 Webinar ID: 989 8417 5819. Individuals who would like to make a statement during the Visitors portion of the meeting or to provide testimony during a public hearing need to dial in or join the meeting 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.  To provide a public comment during the allowed times, click on the "Raise Hand" option.  Individuals who dial in to the meeting have the opportunity to raise their hand to testify during a hearing by pressing *9 on their phones.  You will be called in the order received. For in-depth review of Planning Commission meetings, video/audio recordings of meetings are available on the Planning Commission webpage.”


  1. PREPARE TO ATTEND THE MEETING - Meetings have been virtual since March 2020.  Ensure you have the right platform on your computer or phone. Most City meetings use the Zoom platform for public meetings, however a few use Webex and Microsoft Teams.  It’s a good idea to double-check the platform for the meeting in advance.
    1. Most meetings require registration in advance. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 
    2. Some meetings, like City Council, offer a viewing-only option on YouTube Stream Option.  You can view past events at (YouTube Channel).  Hint: viewing the meeting afterwards on YouTube allows you to speed up the audio.
    3. The instructions will also give you an option to use your phone with the number and passcode.  
    4. You can comment while viewing on Zoom during the live meeting by raising your hand, Zoom phone participants can use *9 to raise your hand. Typically comment times are limited to not more than 2 minutes per person.
  2. PREPARE YOUR STATEMENT - Most committees allow a public comment period typically at the beginning of their meeting.  Depending on the committee, allowances are for 2-3 minutes from each participant.  Be prepared to give your name, where you live, and your purpose for making a public appearance.  Writing out your statement is a good practice as this can help you get to the point quickly and succinctly.  As a general rule, you can typically read about 1.5 pages in two minutes.


Following is a brief overview of the monthly standing council and committee meetings. Clicking on the entity in the left column will take you to that committee’s web page where you can learn more about their charter and view past meeting information.  

City Council 1st and 3rd Wednesday 5PM
Accessibility Advisory Committee 4th Thursday 1PM 

(except November & December)

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee 2nd Wednesday 3PM
Bend Economic Development Advisory Board 1st Monday 12PM  
Budget Committee TBA
Downtown Parking Advisory Committee TBA
Environment & Climate Committee Next: June 10, 2021
Human Rights and Equity Commission 4th Wednesday 4:30PM
Juniper Ridge Management Advisory Board Completed charter - no future meetings.
Landmarks Commission 3rd Tuesday 6PM
MPO Policy Board 3rd Tuesday 12:15 p.m
MPO Technical Advisory Committee TBA
Neighborhood Leadership Alliance 2nd Tuesday 4PM
Planning Commission 2nd and 4th Monday at 5:30PM
Southeast Area Plan Advisory Committee TBA
Transportation Bond Oversight Committee Quarterly
Urban Renewal Agency TBA
Emergency Homelessness Task Force TBA
Sounding Board to House Our Neighbors 2nd Wednesday 9 AM

Want to be alerted about events automatically?  Here’s a Helpful HINT: To access email notification for these meetings, sign up here and select the committees for which you wish to be notified.  This is also the page where you can subscribe to other topics you want to hear about, including weekly traffic updates, news from our Police Department, emergency updates and more.  Be sure to sign up for the Bend Current, the weekly update where you can learn the latest news from our city government.

Another way to be connected with your community is to attend your Neighborhood Association meetings.  The 13 Neighborhood Associations meet periodically (some monthly, some quarterly).  To find information about those meetings, click here.  This takes you to an interactive mapping tool where you can input your address and find your Neighborhood Association.  Each of the 13 Neighborhood Associations are also listed, with links to their respective web pages.