Comparing Community Engagement Processes

Assuring community acceptance of middle housing should be a goal for every city throughout the process of implementing HB 2001. That's how it is happening in Eugene and other Oregon cities, but the City of Bend is not sufficiently engaging the public in the process. There is time remaining to do so prior to the mandated compliance date in June 2022.

The Oregon State Legislature knew that public engagement costs money, especially if a city wants to justify alternative development and siting standards. The Legislature authorized $1 Million to assist cities in revising their development codes.

Eugene asked for $145,000; Bend asked for ONLY $14,105.

Eugene, Oregon

Est population: 176,000

Taking time to inform, educate, engage

Public engagement will include opportunities for the community to engage in the planning process, information on how individuals and organizations can effectively participate and will be consistent with the City’s Public Participation Guidelines and Statewide Planning Goal 1.

Middle Housing Engagement Methods


Healthy Democracy

Equity Roundtable

Roundtable events


Meeting the Housing Types

Eugene's Schedule

Summer 2020 - Public Involvement Plan / Approach (development of public involvement plan and informational website)

Fall 2020 to Winter 2021 – Design and Code Concepts

Spring 2021 to Fall 2021 – Code Writing

Winter / Spring 2022 – Adoption Process

Bend, Oregon

Est population: 106,000

Hurried, primarily closed-door process

Planning Commission appointed an ad hoc "Stakeholder" committee of:

  • Seven building industry members
  • Five Neighborhood Association representatives
  • Plus, Oregon Land Watch & 1000 Friends of Oregon

Bend's Schedule

Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 – Ad Hoc Committee drafts code

May to June 14, 2021 – Community review of draft code

107-page draft code amendment with no summary

Press release on May 14th

Bend Current newsletter

Webpage within the city website

✓ Posted committee meetings on YouTube

✓ Distributed to a mailing list of interested parties on code changes

June to August 2021 - Public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council, leading to adoption

We are asking the City of Bend to PUMP THE BREAKS to educate and engage the public in this process!


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